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Doxikota Spider Pig MS

ABS DC Doxikota .jpg v Ruger MW x ABS DC Doxikota Redi Or Not MS RN OAP OJP JE

Spider Pig is a HOOT!  He loves everyone; kids, people, big dogs, you name it.  Sometimes he gets a little full of himself and gets bossy, but a reminder of the *real* boss sets everything at ease.  Spider Pig is loved and owned by Celli Jones in Thornton CO.

Doxikota Coriander MW

ABS DC Doxikota .jpg v Ruger MW x ABS DC Doxikota Redi Or Not MS RN OAP OJP JE

Cori has some big shoes to fill, being a Redi daughter!  Pam just adores this lil tiny girl, who makes Junie-B look big by comparison!

Once she warms up to you, you are HERS.  LOL!

ABS Doxikota Juniper MW

ABS DC Doxikota .jpg v Ruger MW x CH LK's Lucky Charm MW

Junie wins ABSOLUTE!  Anna Knoll handling!

Junie-B's first points!

Juni-B is just gonna be a little star.  She's little-bitty, with a awesome double coat and ATT-TI-TUDE to die for!  Dawn-Renée wants her somethin' terrible!  LOL!






Doxikota Silly Sally MW

CH Sagerun's Quincy x CH Englelong Edwina MW

Sally is a sister to DC Frodo.  She is registered as a chocolate and tan but is most likely a brown nosed red.  She is field pointed.

Doxikota C-Shelli From The Beach MS

CH Sunrise Son of The Beachi MS x Doxikota Kasey of Sagerun MS

This lovely picture was taken by Hadi Alavi (  Shelli's owner, Carrie Benanti, lives in Elgin, IL, near Chicago.  Shelli needs her majors in the ring to finish her CH; her litter brother is DC Brick.  What a cute face she has!!!

Doxikota Ruger Ol' Blue Eyes MS JE

DC Sunrise Ruger Gracchus MS JE x CH Doxikota Mali-Boo Barbie MS ROMX

Franky is owned by Elena Kerns and co-owned by Franky's sire's breeder/owner, Dawn-Renée Mack.  He has both his majors, but he recently moved to Alberta, Canada with Elena and her husband.  Hopefully he can finish his American title on the Montana circuit next summer!
Frankie is a natural with the rats, earning his JE in his first two tries!

Baby Frankie (14 weeks)

Doxikota Eagle Dancer MW

CH Rosan Hill Englelong Gabriel MS x CH Englelong Edwina MW

Kachina is owned by Jim Moore and co-owned by myself.  Here she is with her 'dad' showing her to her third major!  She is 1 single point away from her Championship.  She is currently working hard in the field to earn her FC and has one placement towards that title!

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