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Currently there are a total of 11 Doxikota Dual Champions.  A Dual Champion has earned both their Field Championship title and their conformation Championship.  A Dual Champion is designated with a "DC" in front of the dog's name.

DC Rosan Hill Kirby CD NA NAJ ME

CH Kinder's Kleiner Ludington MS JE x FC Rosan Hill Honig Kuchen MS

Kirby was bred by Sandy Golemb of Rosan Hill Dachshunds

Sadly, Kirby passed in June 2008 at the age of 11 1/2.

DC Doxikota Fritz MS JE
DC Kinder's Crimson Lukela MS x DC Rosan Hill Kirby CD NA NAJ ME

DC Doxikota Redi or Not MS RN OAP OJP SE

DC Dokikota Fritz JE x Kinder's Mountain Rose MS

Redi finished as a DC at only 16 months of age!

Redi takes a 3rd in Field Champion Bitches in Sealy, TX on 12/16.
She finshes out 2006 in the Top Twenty Field Dachshunds
with only 7 starts.  She ended at number 12.

Redi takes Absolute...this is similar to Best In Specialty Show (BISS). 
She is the first dog I bred to earn an Absolute and I am very proud of her!

Miss Redi always knows when "mom" needs a hug and kiss!

DC Doxikota Frodo Baggins MW JE

CH Sagerun's Quincy x CH Englelong Edwina MW

Carlos put that last major on Frodo for me to finish his CH
and therefore his Dual CH!

Frodo loves snow!

All the bunnies hide from Frodo!

Posey sadly passed away on June 14, 2008 in a swimming
accident.  Please be sure to watch your dogs carefully
when they are enjoying the water.

DC Doxikota Pick A Posey MW TD JE

CH Sandar's Alibi At Sagerun x DC Doxikota Redi Or Not MS RN OAP OJP SE

I show and finish the majority of my Champions myself.  However, due to time constraints, I occasionally use a professional handler.  Carlos Puig and Dani Goodland helped me out by finishing Posey's
bench Championship this summer.
Thanks, Carlos and Dani!!

Baby Posey hitches a ride with a friend


Posey takes a 2nd in the Field CH Bitch Stake the first weekend
after finishing her Field Championship!
Good girl, Posey!!
Thanks to judges Patt Nance (pictured) and M.A. Klein

Posey completes her Tracking Dog (TD) title at only
7 months of age!! 

DC Doxikota Idaho Dreamweaver MW RN

CH Sagerun's Quincy x CH Englelong Edwina MW

Webster is owned and dearly loved by Kathy Schooler in Boise, ID.  Webster recently finished his Field Championship, making him Doxikota's 6th DC and 5th homebred DC!

  DC Doxikota Déjà Pooh MW SE

DC Doxikota Frodo Baggins MW JE x CH Doxikota Mali-Boo Barbie MS ROMX

Pooh is the sweetest little girl! 
She is back at Doxikota after spending some time at LK Dachshunds in Rapid City.  She is little (9lbs), low and floats when she moves.  Her topline remains solid even on the move.  Pooh has a nice double coat with good texture and most importantly, she LOVES to hunt bunnies and RATS!

DC Doxikota Brick Beachhouse MS

CH Sunrise Son Of The Beachi MS x Doxikota Kasey Of Sagerun MS

Pretty boy Brick was finished in in the breed ring in 4 weekends at the tender age of 9.5 months.  Along the way, he picked up a Group 4 from the classes!  Brick is as sweet as he is handsome!

Brick finished his FC just shy of 2 years with a 1st in the OAAD stake.
Then he won over the Best FC to go Absolute! 
Hooray, Brick!!!

DC Doxikota .jpg V Ruger MW

DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ROMX x DC Doxikota Pick A Posey MW TD JE

At only 10 months, little wire Jay finished in 3 weekends with all majors from the Bred-By class.

Then less than a month later, he was in the ribbons 3 of 4 Field Trials he ran in, including two 2nds!  He finished his FC just shy of two years of age in high style with an Absolute, just as Brick had the weekend before.

Jay, a DC Maximus x DC Posey son, earns Absolute under judges Scott Woodall and Carol Luetkens.


DC Doxikota Black Forest MS

Rosan Hill Stars 'N Bars MS x DC Doxikota Redi Or Not MS RN OAP OJP SE

Forest is a funny little guy who is finally looking grown up.  He finished his FC lickety split, but he's kinda naughty when he's supposed to come back to his mama....
LOL!  He finished his CH and DC in no time at all.
We think Forest is a cute lil guy!


DC Doxikota Lydia MS

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